Nita asks:
Hi Susan! I’ve been eating well and moving for 2 weeks now, and I feel absolutely fabulous. But the scale hasn’t moved an inch. Will it move or do I need to incorporate something else into what I’m doing? Please help!

The only thing
You are doing wrong
Is the scale…

Did you hear
What you said

I feel fabulous!

Two weeks?

Believe me
When I tell you
Your worst enemy is
The scale and,
There is no way
You are not
Going to burn fat
Increase strength and energy
Dramatically change your body

Losing weight
Is a given

Off the scale
Three months
See how you look
Feel how you feel
If you like it
Keep doing it..
And, you will..

Off the scale

Susan Powter

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Susan Powter

Susan Powter

Susan Powter (born 22 December 1957) is an Australian-born American motivational speaker, nutritionist, personal trainer, and author, who rose to fame in the 1990s with her catchphrase "Stop the Insanity!", the centerpiece of her weight-loss infomercial. She hosted her own talk show The Susan Powter Show in the 1990s.

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