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The first thing I thought sitting down to write this month’s Zine was/is I’m excited. That as thrilling for me as you could probably imagine because, this Zine is real and real takes energy and time. I’ve started writing the March Zine three times. The problem is, my filing. I’m sure one day I’ll find all sorts of things in sections of my computers that I never knew where filed but for now, finding what I need to find doesn’t always happen. My filing system, my own archeological dig which reminds me of what I’m just about to do, garden.

Garden if it’s the last thing I do, I will this year. Not another spring will pass without me tilling the damn soil. Damned soil being what most of the world’s demineralized soil absolutely is but, there are patches where it’s still possible to plant right under the soil-demineralizers noses and I am. A patch of garden I will have this year. That was my resolve and it only that took 51 years to get to. It’s happening this year thanks to a beautiful invitation from a friend.

“Would you like to come over Sunday and pod the peas”…

Peas I will be podding this weekend or, just after depending on the rain and all the other things every day depends on. Gardening; no longer a dream, a wish, a frustration because:

A. I will no longer wait.
B. My very experienced gardening friend is giving me the privilege of apprenticeship.

Two good reasons gardening will happen this year but, let’s stick with A because A is the reason B happened. No longer tolerating, being done is only one of the amazing things about getting older, intolerance. The inability to tolerate well, almost anything as far as I’m concerned because, none of it was worth tolerating in the first place. Impatience a fabulous virtue that comes with age and no longer waiting. Waiting for me is death. I know intuitively and, I’ve been told by every physic I’ve ever bumped into. So it’s high time I no longer wait to garden. The incarnations of me trying to get to the dirt over the course of the last 51 years range from what looked like a Vietnamese jungle, first attempt 25 years ago in 120 heat in Garland, TX, to growing zucchini in Seattle and L.A. only to leave both just as the zucchini matured.

This year it’s an apprenticeship in a woman’s garden, a mistress gardener (it was the master gardener title she was given but, who in their right mind would use that word — the language ladies, always look at the language) and, I’ll be taking what she teaches to the rooftop. Guerilla gardening on the roof of my son’s home because, if you could see the space wasted you’d understand. Surely nobody could find “issue” with growing food on the roof but, who’s to know but the Ziners and, everyone who comes to because, I’ll being blogging the hell out of my gardening. The Queen’s Ziners of course, get to hear what’s happening, as it happens and mark my words when I tell you gardening is happening this year!

Now, onto all that needs talking about starting with;

Post Resolution Package:

I must say, I’m thrilled at the response to the Post Resolution Package. It is a ridiculously good price, I know. And, it’ll stay that way thru the second week in March because, I own it and I can price it any damn way I want. After the 15th, The Post Resolution Package is gone so if you haven’t ordered it, do.

I know those who have ordered The Exchange Program know they are amazing videos, cross training at it’s very best which, is what thrills me. How many of you totally get it is stunning and, makes everything it took to get my (operative word) videos back from the thieves who stole them and, you know I’ll be talking about them till the grave; everything I went thru is worth it because you get it. All of you are now private trainers in your own right. Thousands of people mixing and matching all seven videos turning your workouts into? Brilliance and, brilliance thrills me.

What you’ve figured how is: The how to of using my program and, it’s simple

Order The Post Resolution Package and you get seven, packaged for the first time together ever (and, there’s a method to my madness) videos. Start with:

Burn fat, and burn it for a couple of days then add 15/30 minutes of Yoga into your routine. A few days in, add Lean Muscle Mass, same thing 15/20 minutes — switching it up every couple of days, then Yoga Step. As obvious as daylight when you think about all the while, of course, you are thinking about Motivation One and Motivation Two. Before you know it, cross training and a very busy hour of working out (for all fitness levels, always modified if it’s mine) is exactly what’s happening and the results; leaner, stronger and healthier.

What you have, when you get my Lifestyle Exchange Program (and if you haven’t, you must) is an exercise program that you can use forever. That’s the point.

Increasing and decreasing your levels of intensity which, we’ll be discussing in this Zine because it must be discussed, means you can do a move at as many different fitness levels as you build to and, you will. Using form, resistance, control and extension you can maximize every move you make, literally. Brain and body connected, you being present while you are oxygenating your body. Re-read that line, over and over again (nothing redundant about it) and remember. Remember, remind and re-doing is real. Whether you are new to fit, modifying all the way or working at an advance fitness level you re-programming your brain in the privacy of your own brain is a massive lifestyle change. And, you get it so many people getting lean, strong, healthy and well and, it’s a thrill.

The applicable, tangible truth about wellness becoming (and it’s quite becoming) a part of your practice. And, no better thing to completely understand and start using daily than increasing and decreasing your levels of intensity, always.


Now being the best time to talk about it and, talk about it I will forever. Because increasing and decreasing your levels of intensity is not a bunch of words to be tossed around and ignored, it is literal.

When I was 260 pounds and went on that first walk, back in the da, da day in Garland, TX with two children under a tree as I walked a couple of feet and back, over and over and over again; I walked at a very low level of intensity. Not because I was a lazy, undisciplined slob because I was unfit. I was 260 pounds with two babies under two; nothing more needs to be said.

My body didn’t wake up screaming to run a marathon, again not because I was an undisciplined slob no, because I didn’t have the cardio endurance (yet) to do it. I didn’t have the muscular strength or cardio endurance (yet) to do it. Simple. Nothing emotional, inner child traumatized about it. Physical, let’s just stay with the physical because, it’s everything.

So, I walked slowly and for thirty minutes. Then, I did it again the next day and the next and the next and, guess what happened? One day a couple of weeks into walking every day, I had more energy. One day, a couple of weeks in, it was much “easier.” One day I looked forward to going for a walk and the rest, truly is her-story in my life.

Point being the difference between then and now. I don’t workout more now if that were the case, getting fit would hardly be worth it. All you have to do to truly understand increasing and decreasing your levels of intensity is think. If the fitter you got, the more you had to do to be fit then, that’s all you’d do. Going for a walk now, I just did. I walked for miles. Five or six, maybe more. I don’t count, I just walk. I walk as fast (one way to increase/decrease your levels of intensity, speed) I walk lifted (another using amazing form, resistance, control and extension) I walk fiercely:

A. Because I have the physical strength to
B. Because this world is full of horrifying men who think it is there right to comment on everything and anything when a woman walks past

And, I walk for hours because my knee can’t do yoga right now. Not for the last couple of days has my knee had anything lateral going on. Walking in socks on a slippery floor will get you? In my case it got me a slip, which I landed beautifully; commenting on the landing as I went sideways. “Look at me landing this way at my age” so grateful to wellness and the, the twist which a couple of hours later turned into a very, very sore knee. So no yoga till it heals but walk I can and walk I did because I wanted/needed movement today.

When I workout now I workout with a very high level of intensity because, I am and I’ve built the cardio endurance, lean muscle mass, flexibility, focus and on it goes to do just that. Building my (you building yours) fitness levels one fitness level at a time. A one hour workout now is still one hour and the difference is? The difference is everything. It is what you start with and build to. It is working within your fitness, always to build to the next and the next and the next. It’s working with your body, your exhaustion levels, the effects of what you ate the night before, your period, your relationships, your daily life everything. Increasing and decreasing your levels of intensity (via modification) means you can oxygenate your body, burn fat, increase strength and endurance while you are living your life, as your fitness levels increase. Knowing how you can (and doing it) increase and decrease your levels of intensity is how you change the way you look and feel forever.

And a couple of ways to do it, no matter what your fitness levels are:

Adding or, taking away arms
Adding or taking away an incline. Walk the hill I just walked and you’ll know exactly what I mean
Lower in the squat, higher in the lift. Same applies for upper body. Higher in the reach, further down in the pull. A fraction of an inch, done in resistance, form, control and extension changes everything… and, you can change it up (this is the part you get that thrills me) 50 thousand times in each and every workout.

Very quickly into walking at 260 (because fitness is immediate in it’s results) I started walking very quickly for two minutes and back to my regular pace (which was a very low level of intensity) for five minutes then, back into a strong, quick walk for two minutes. A very different walk, just a couple of weeks in and, that applies to everything you do. When you are doing Yoga Step with me, pause it and throw in some upper body building and, press me back on… fabulous and exactly what I intended. When you feel strong, workout strong. When you feel whatever else you feel, work with whatever it is. Work with your body. Work with your life. Work with yourself well, if that doesn’t say it all, I’m not sure what does.

Increasing and decreasing your levels of intensity, a thought. As is:

The Studio…

Oh The Studio! You have no idea what it has taken and, it has yet to happen but, it will. There’s no need, any longer, to even pretend that I can tell you when it will open but it will and it will soon.

I vacillate between not saying a damn word about every thing that is “coming soon” or telling everyone what’s happening as it happens which, seems to be what I end up doing because why wouldn’t I?

Everyone watching every blog I do, reading anything I write and certainly the Ziners know the frustrations of getting it all done and, the joy. I mean look at us? “Direct” from me to you is as literal as it’s ever been and, it’s been awhile. I’ve been doing this wellness thing for one hell of a long time and only now am I doing it all but, that creates delays, frustrations – reality. Or, that’s what keeps it all organic which is what I truly think. It may take 2 months more to get my live, on-line studio (that should have been opened on Valentine’s Day) opened the absolute fact of the matter is, a whole lot has happened in the last few weeks that will only add to what an outrageous studio it is going to be.

And, what it’s going to be when it is and it will be soon is; me doing classes and you doing them with me. Real classes. Mistress classes (they call them master classes in the fitness industry but, why would you?) that add and enhance your Lifestyle Exchange Program beyond your wildest dreams. You read about increasing and decreasing your levels of intensity in your Zine and then you do it with me. A stunner when you think about it. It will be a studio that will change the fitness industry forever.

Sure there are people teaching exercise out there but, have you seen them? Have you even tried to do any class ever? Don’t tell me about the fitness industry, you know as well as I know nothing’s happening worth a shit and there is one person who can change that, me. An international exercise studio for all fitness levels? Yeah, nothing to it except the doing of it and, I will.

The Living Art Studio is the name and, you’ll be the first to know about the Grand Opening then, come to class and bring 50 of your best friend’s with you because I’m talking a packed class, every class in the privacy of your own home, global, boundary-less. An exercise class that’ll change your life, every time you take it till the next class, of course.


I’ve just finished a couple of great books and, I know a great book because I read. I read a lot and have for years. A good book for me, comes from a used bookstore, interests me in the first paragraph and is a true story — autobiography, a her-story that involves much history and the books I just finished are all those things and, some…

After the Knife, by Carolyn Slaughter:

An amazing story of silence, lies, patriarchy and the grandest of natural things. Colonization and incest, is there a difference? Indiginy and innocence destroyed by the white man, hardly new but the telling of it by this woman is stunning…

Lilly’s Feast, by Francis Osborne

If ever a Grand Daughter has done her Great Grand Mother proud she did. One hundred years, a woman surviving, writing about magnificent foods.

Alice Tolkas, Staying On Alone

Nothing needs to be said but, Alice and Gertrude and Alice writing after Gertrude’s death. Magnificent…

I’ve been cooking a lot lately because I’ve decided to be Babbette from Babbette’s feast pulling a couple of grand recipes from Moll Katzen’s book (from 100 years ago) Vegetable Heaven and my kitchen just a couple of days ago…

Coconut Rice with Ginger, Chiles, and Lime…

Make yourself some basmati rice….a bunch of it


Onions, minced (a couple of cups)
Serrano or jalapeno peppers, seeded and minced – a couple
Ginger, a couple of tablespoons
Garlic, a couple of tablespoons
Salt, always
Lime (grated zest) a teaspoon or more to taste
Coconut, lightly toasted…

Heat oil in fry pan, add onions saute for 10 minutes, stir in chilies, ginger, garlic and salt, lower heat and cook for 10 minutes. When your rice is read fold saute mixture into rice, add remaining salt, lime zest, lime juice to taste and most of the coconut. When it’s all mixed salt to taste, everything to taste always….heat up by putting it into the oven (350) for a few minutes and serve….

Sweet Potatoes and Spinach in Spiced Orange Sauce:

Oil, a couple of tablespoons
Onion — 3 cups
Persian Allspice; recipe below – 3 tbls
Salt, 2 teaspoons
Garlic, minced 2 heaping teaspoons
Sweet potatoes or gams — 8 cups peeled cubed
Orange Juice – 3 cups
Prunes, pitted, sliced – 1 1/2 cups
Spinach – one pound cleaned and stemmed

Persian Allspice

Tablespoon coriander seeds
1 to 2 teaspoons cardamon pods
1 tablespoon cumin seeds
2 teaspoons cinnamon
2 teaspoons turmeric
2 teaspoons ground ginger
1/2 teaspoons ground cloves
1/4 teaspoon black pepper

Basmati Rice, make a bunch before and have ready…..

Heat a drizzle of oil in a large, deep pot. Add onions, 3 tablespoons Persian Allspice, and 1 teaspoon of the salt, saute 5 minutes medium heat. Stir in garlic, sweet potatoes, orange juice and the rest of the salt. Cover and cook, medium heat until potatoes are tender (30 minutes, give or take) Add fruit and spinach, stir, cover and cook for five to 10 minutes. Serve over rice and….

Sweet and Sour Dipping Sauce:

Unseasoned rice vinegar – 1/2 cup
Honey – 1/2 cup
Salt – 1/2 teaspoon or more (to taste)
Red pepper flakes – 1/2 teaspoon

Option adds:

Minced: cilantro, cucumber, red onion, red bell pepper, chopped peanuts

Heat vinegar. Place honey in bowl and pour hot vinegar over it till dissolved, stir in remaining ingredients and serve warm…

That’s the monthly flow for March. A few important notes below:

The Susan Powter Radio Show….reminder and new time.

Every Tuesday night, 7-9pm (pst) The Susan Powter Show, you must. Just a note to mention the time change. 7-9 pacific is the new time and if you can’t make it there then you can always get it, archived for all to hear. Be there, live chat with me, call in, download virally spread the hell out of it.

And….Lifestyle Ex-Changing…

The Post Resolution Package is only available for another week. One week to go before the package and the price is no longer available so get it now and if you know someone who should, let them know it’s time and they can.

A crazy combination, always and remember, tell the world what’s happening here at if you want the truth about wellness, and some….


Susan Powter

Hi Ziners,

The details on the post resolution package are on the store page (top yellow tab on Susan’s website– Domestic orders can order straight from the store, international orders just email and we’ll figure your shipping for you and send you a PayPal link.

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