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On 08/05 Mo asks:   Good morning Susan!  I am SO HAPPY to see that you are blogging again!!!  LOVE it, and THANK YOU!
Good morning
It was
Yoga, brown
Rice, kale
And the
Most stunning
Pinto beans
Made last
Night re-heated
This morning
For a very
Very, good
Morning and
Thank you
Love it,
Love that…

Susan Powter
On 08/05 Francesco asks: Susan, this last week has been filled with parties, bad food, and I neglected my yoga. I am already feeling the ill effects after one week of neglect. NEVER AGAIN. I lived like that for 20 years, and now I wonder how the hell I did
A beautiful
Lesson we’ve
All learned
Over and over
Again, not
To worry
Growing into..
Takes a
A couple
Of times
At least
You know,
Much more
Than millions
I’m horrified
To say…

Susan Powter
On 08/05 Nicole asks: Susan! We’ve missed you so! No question. Just sending you love, encouragement, peace and wellness. Much wellness. And continue the truth-speaking! We who wrestle with our bodies need it now more than ever…
What a lovely
Message, thank
And yes, we
All need wellness
More than ever
And can have
It simply….

Susan Powter
On 08/05 Tracy in PA asks: good morning susan
quick question…
what artists do you enjoy doing yoga and stretches to…  thanks for your help
My playlist
This morning

Melanie…Candles In the Rain
Bonnie…. I can’t make you love me
Sinead O Connor…Stretched On Your Grave
Bettye LaVette…Joy
Avril…My Happy Ending
Britney…Me Against The Music
Madonna…Papa Don’t Preach
Patty Griffin..Forgiveness
Toni Childs…Stop Your Fussin

Susan Powter
On 08/04 Diane asks: Just wanted to know if cardio is the same at 30 mins a day as it is at 60mins?  Is there more benefit in going beyond a 30min sweatfest other than calories?
Thirty minutes
Or more
Must be 30
To activate
Fat burning
Metabolic activation
And a whole lot more
30 minimum…
And yes, there
Are more
Benefits than
Most could
Imagine possible
To increasing
Cardio endurance
And strength…
45 min cardio
20 min weights
A good warm up
And cool down
And you’ve got
Yourself one
Hell of a workout…

Susan Powter
On 08/04 Lisa asks: Hello Miss Powter,
Just wanted to say that you are truly lovely in every sense of the word.  Your dedication to get the “WELLNESS” word out is unbelievable.  I appreciate it so much as do many others.  You are a lion…I hear your roar! Much love!
Thank you
It’s not
Easy and
It’s always
Nice to know
It makes a
Roar, I try
Some days
Less than
Lately, nothing
But trying to
Keep it
Going properly…

The most
Thing is
Getting the
Word out
Which every
Body here
Can help
Spread the
Word, you
Couldn’t imagine
How important
It is…

Susan Powter
On 08/04 Jodi asks: I emailed the company on ebay that is selling your products FML Distribution LLC to tell them they are selling your products illegally. I was informed that they had your permission and that you were splitting the profits.  Thought you’d like to know
Splitting the profits?
Without a doubt
Absolutely not…

If you knew
And, consumer
Power, right on!

Susan Powter
On 08/04 Lynn asks: Hello Susan!Nice to see your face again! We missed you. Can you tell me, is there a better time of day to exercise, morning vs.evening? Does it matter?
Totally depends
On, a million
One job or
Your organic
Energy levels
When you
Are the most
No time better
Than a time
You are in
Your practice
And can
Be consistent
And build
To more
And more

And, thank you
It’s nice to be

Susan Powter
On 08/03 Matt asks: Welcome back – we missed you! I love to swim, especially in the ocean – are you a swimmer too?  I prefer not to use pools – too many chemicals…
Thank you
Yes, competitive
Butter, Back
Breast and Free…
And what
Did they
Feed us
Before competition
Boxes of
Crystal jello..
The experts..

Like anything
Is new…

Susan Powter
On 08/03 DIANE PAILLETTE asks: Hi Susan, I have great respect for you, the way you stood up to the diet industry. I did so well when I read your book Stop The Insanity, it really changed my way of thinking about dieting. I lost weight, but gained it back. I need your
And, you
Can and
Will burn
All the fat
You want
To burn
Not a problem
This time
You can
Solve the
Of overfat
And unfit…
By changing
Your lifestyle

To more
Than most
Could imagine
Possible until
Now, of course…

So glad
You are

Susan Powter
On 08/03 Brian asks: Hi Susan – I’m *loving* the Lifestyle Exchange DVDs.  Can you post some ideas about how to mix’n’match them for an effective workout schedule?  And how often do you do “Body Work”?
You’d think,
Wouldn’t you..
Only one
Of the
Things that
Needed to
Be happening…
A great idea
I’ve had
For months
Along with
A couple of
Others that
I’m working
My ass off
To make happen…

So, yes is the answer…
But, you know better
Than most it takes
Much, much more
Than it should…

Susan Powter
On 08/03 Brenda Cooney asks: Hi Susan! Love your books!  I’m 47, MS for 17 years – vertigo, foot drop, balance problems, painful legs in hip/groin area with too much walking and standing.  Can I still get lean and fit w/o strenuous exercise/build muscle?  Too late?
Never, never
Never, never
Too late…

As a matter
Of absolute
Than any
Body, yours
Must have
Must have
Cardio endurance
And strength
Must have the
Best, most
Healing foods…
l7 years of
Dealing with
And loved…

Susan Powter
On 08/03 Maureen asks: Bienvenue Susan…………there has been a true void.
Great to hear your voice.
All the best moving forward………
Lovely, thank you
And yes, forward
The only direction
Worth moving in…

Again, lovely!

Susan Powter
On 08/03 Gracie asks: I have been drinking dangerously for years.This morning I found your book and feel like a new world is opening up to me. Today I will commit to sobriety. Thank-you. Any words of encouragement? Grace from Australia.
Without a doubt
Treat your physical
Disease and
Sobriety is
Seven Weeks to Sobriety
Get it
Under The Influence
Get it
Eating Right To Live Sober
Get it…
The handful of
People telling
The absolute
Truth about
Something far
More simple
Than it’s made
Out to be…
Enjoy the journey
It’s magnificent…

Susan Powter

On 08/02 Freebyrd~Shan asks: BLOG ON BABY~BLOG ON~WE LOVE YOU!!
Stepper 4 step/yoga? Suggestions? I will promise to do what I can as a consumer(within budget)to support you; wherever you may be.
Right on
Exactly the
Energy we
Stepper 4 step/yoga?
I don’t understand…
But consumer
Power, I

Susan Powter
On 08/02 Beth asks: I just love you.I respect a woman that has lost the weight and kept it off. You are a huge inspiration to me and I am just so glad your back.
P.S. I love your yoga and my husband has just started it too.
Soon I will reach my fitness goals!!!
Yes, so
Soon you
Can be
As lean
As strong
As healthy
As you
Want to be…
And it
Is, by
Your way
Back to
A life of
Energy and
Strength, as
Soon as
And thank
You, I just
Love your
Energy also…
So glad
You are

Susan Powter
On 08/02 Sabine asks: Your dvd are sold on this website : and on by an FML Distribution LLC shop
is it a normal situation ?
I thought your products would only be sold on
take care
They are being
Sold illegally
Only one
Of the many
Things that
Should have
Been and
Are now, finally
Taken care
Of…feel free
To let them
Know that
They can’t
Sell anything
With my name
On it, I’m sure
As hell
Going to…

The info,

Susan Powter
On 08/02 Kathy asks: Missed you Susan!  So glad to see you back and in your “tell it like it is” style.  I love your blogs and missed them while you were away – they really encourage me in my trip to wellness.  I can’t wait to see your behind the scenes clips.
Oh, you reall
Can’t because
There is tons
Of it and
Believe me
When I tell
You I’ve
Been blogging…
And, always
Will as long
A long list
Of as long
Every woman
In business
Exactly what
I’m talking

All is well
And thank you
I’m so glad
You are
So glad
It’s the
I do what
I do…

Susan Powter
On 08/02 Sabine asks: Hi Susan,
I am so pleased to be able to watch you again. You seem so in shape, full of wellness and I justlove your words ^^.
I am pleased to see that you are well on your side, beside that moment :p
Yes, that
Which made
Me sick…
But, recovery
Happens when
Breakfast is
(and it was)
Brown rice
By amazing
All of
Which should
Have been
And will
Now be
For you to
Being recovery
Is wellness
And wellness
Is, everything..

Susan Powter
On 08/02 Brian asks: Hi Susan, it’s great to have you back!  Will the “adjustments” you’ve been making include international shipping from the store?  I sure hope so…
Unfortunately, that’s
Still an “issue”
Hard to believe
But, it’s true…

Brick by brick…
And, thank you
Brian, always
You’ve known…

Susan Powter
On 08/02 Jodi asks: Susan- where are you?
Right here
Now, tonight’s
Blog explains

Will I
Right here…

Susan Powter

On 08/01 cathy asks: Hi Susan where are you,I hope you are alright? i miss your blogs . hope to see you soon
Thank you
I’ve missed
Blogging but
Only the
Uploading till
The blogging
Has been
Going on
You’ll see…

And, I’m very
Very well
Thank you…

Susan Powter
On 08/01 Becky asks: where are you dear friend?
I miss your wit, humor & love on this web pg of yours.
I heard Ross mention you on the R-family cruise…last sighting of Susan.
PLEASE post soon, show some exercise…
some glorious food you have prepared,
Oh Becky,
Just lovely…

Susan Powter
On 08/01 Tanya Clements asks: I just was curious, how are your son’s allergies now that they are older?  My son has had several allergies too. He is ten.  For school we listed all the preservativs and additives he is not allowed.  We pack his lunch and snacks all the time.
I have
The most
Free, dairy
Free glowing
Son who
Knows all
Too well
Just how
Real severe
Food allergies
And all
Three of
My sons
Are stunning
Thank you
For asking…

Susan Powter
On 07/31 Elizabeth asks: ,my father works 80 hours a week and has been trying to lose weight for some time.he doesn’t have the time or enough energy he needs to see results.i want to help him so he’ll get what he’s long deserved and feel the energy he needs.any advice?
How does
Your father
Feel about
Energy, strength
His health?

Susan Powter
On 07/31 Susan asks: Concierge!  What’s up?  When is Susan coming back?
As soon
As the concierge
Is gone…

Susan Powter
On 07/31 Doreen asks: I love you and all that you do for so many women, including myself.  I have lost 18 pounds since I started following your advice.  Thank you!!
Doreen Maloof
Lowell, MA
You are
More than
Keep doing
What works
And wellness
The weight
Will fall
Off, strength
Will build
And you’ll
Look and
Feel better
Than you
Every have
Do what
Works and
Get rid of
All the shit
That doesn’t…

Simple and true…

Susan Powter
On 07/31 Keith asks: SUSAN, SUSAN, SUSAN! WELCOME BACK!I’ve missed you so much-I was a HUGE fan way back when-we’re the same age and we both look FABOO! I’m proud that you’re telling the media establishment to fuck-off and go-it YOUR WAY! I LOVE you!
Go it
My way
I like
That Keith…
And, thank
It only took
l0 years
This last
Month but,
Here we

Help me
Get the
Word out…

Tell every
One with
A brain
In their
Head what’s
Right here
Cause, it is happening…

Susan Powter
On 07/30 Chris29 asks: HEY SUSAN ! I wanted to know if :THE POLITICS OF STUPID: was coming out on CD or as an mp3 download? I hope so cause Im leavin the space open on my IPOD. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ALL YOUR LOVE AND ENCOURAGEMENT!!!!
Only one
Of the reasons
I needed to
Adjust a bit…
You’d think
My book
Would be
It is and soon
It will be
Because I’m
Going to see
It does…
And, everyone
Here at
Will be
The first
To know….

Susan Powter
On 07/29 Fonda asks: Susan, I would never dreamed I would get to talk to you directly. I did your program back in 1995 lost 80 pounds. Now it’s all back I let myself go with my marriage. I have fribromyalgia. It’s really painful to move alot. Any idea’s?HELP!!!!!!
Yes, oxygen is
A must
Not just
Out of nowhere
Chronic it does
Not have to
Has everything
To do with
It, have a look
At anything
Other than
The ama’s trap…

Treat your body
With real healing…

And, yes you
Can and always
Will be able to
Talk directly
To me…it’s
What I’ve worked
Over l0 years
To be able
To do….

And, you can…

Susan Powter
On 07/27 Lisa asks: HI Susan,
I was in Provincetown Ma, the other night (July 26) I think I passed you on Commercial St. I grew up in P-town go back every chance I can. I think you are a great inspiration and motivator for so many. Lisa
How lovely
As was
The week

Next time
We are
In such
A beautiful
Place, say
And, thank
It’s the
Truth, always
Was, always
Will be…

Susan Powter
On 07/25 Heather asks: Suuuuuuuusaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnn!!!!!!!!!! When are you coming back??? It was SO awesome taking yoga with you on the Rosie cruise!  You are fierce.  What I really got from it was to move with conviction and to be in your own body.  Thank you!
Right now
And, yes
We had
Fun didn’t

Susan Powter
On 07/24 Meranda asks: Can’t be motivated when everyone tells me I need to be. Thought it would sound better from someone who doesnt know me. Glad you are who you are, help me becaome someone I almost dread becoming…
No need
To dread
It’s not
That everyone
Should dread
Believe me
What I’ve
Seen in this
World during
The last
Two months
Cements in
How lovely
A lovely
Lifestyle is…

Know you
Or not
All the
You’ll ever
Need is…

Scroll down
Watch the
Blog, it’s
The truth…

Susan Powter
On 07/03 Trish asks: I want to tell you that you make my day!! I would love to see a video of Susan Powter behind the wheel!!Your comments of drivers are truly a comedy show in it self…Thanks for all you do for us.
You are
More than
Thank you
For seeing
The comedy
Some don’t
But, those
Who do…
Thrill me

Susan Powter
On 07/02 Kelly Sprague asks: Dear Susan, I read you books about 10 years ago (at 205 lbs)  and I lost the weight.  My mother died in Dec. of 2007 and I gained 30 lbs while she was sick and after I lost her. Now I am back to a healthy, low fat lifestyle and feel great!  Thank you

A well daughter…
Honor the

Back to..

Susan Powter
On 07/02 Lynn asks: Hello Susan, I live in Canada, I’m trying to order your DVDs..the pop up says no delivery to Canada yet….any suggestions??
Oh, more
Than suggestions
Products that
Can’t be
In this day
And age..
Only one
Of the things
That I have
A few suggestions
About lately…

Apologies, although
I’m not the one
Who should be

I’d walk them
To your door
If I could…
Till then
I have to rely
On men and
We all know
How that
Turns out…

Susan Powter
On 07/02 Heather asks: I’m going on my first ever Rosie Cruise and can’t wait to take your classes!  Question.  I’ve gotten good with bringing food when working out of town, but since food is included as part of the cruise…what should I bring to supplement it?
No need
Not on
That boat
All the fresh
Food you
Could ever
Want and
Can’t wait
To have
You in class…

Come a few
Minutes early
We’ll talk and..
The rest
Is simply one
Of the best
Weeks of
Your life…

Susan Powter
On 07/01 modie asks: hi susan,
i am 45, obese,depressed and stuck in a horrible marraige..i feel like its too late for me…desperate to live again
Yes, live
Again and
It’s not
What it
Feels like
It is..
First you
Can and must
Eat, breathe
And move
Then, you think
You, living your
Life and, it starts
In the same
Place for Us
All, today
You, higher

Susan Powter
On 07/01 Tina asks: Never thought I had an issue with dairy but gave it up for a week- breathing better than I ever have in my LIFE! Neti pot and no dairy- fewer migraines, sleep better, BREATHE better.  Wish others would try for just a few days-could change everything
Yes change
Much more
Than most
Could imagine

Stunning it
Is, when poison
Is eliminated..


Susan Powter
On 06/30 Terri DelCampo asks: Hi Susan,
I’m a pharmacy tech, & writer.  I’m working on articles that I doubt conventional magazines will buy because I’ll probably offend their sponsors, God forbid I’m telling some truths.  Any ideas how I can get my stuff into print? Thanks!
Early to bed
Early to rise
Work like
Hell and

Ted Turner…

Susan Powter
On 06/30 gail asks: Susan , are you writing another book? If you are How WONDERFUL. Can not wait to read it.
Yes, I am
And thank
You, it’s
One of
The most
Because well,
The title
Says it
All, Mothering
Menopause and

Susan Powter
On 06/30 Tracey Elliott asks: Dear Susan, I have your book “let’s eat”. I am from Canada and don’t have a clue what Spikes seasoning is? Please help me?
Not to worry
It’s any great
Seasoning you
Like, years ago
Only one example
Of spices….
That one thing
Doesn’t affect
Much, let a lone

Susan Powter
On 06/29 Ingrid asks: Hello Susan. You look great.I need your help. About to be 42 and weight 320. I’m single mom of 7 yr old, work fulltime and caregiver for mom with Alzheimers. No me time at all. How can I start to lose. I feel so lost and overwhelmed.What can I do?
Of course
You do
You are,
Millions of
Women doing
More than
Humanly possible…
It’s real, first
Know that
And then
Remember (always)
30 minutes in
Oxygen gives
You, everything
Real food
Fuels you
Lean muscle
Mass holds
You up to
Do all you
Are doing…
It’s real
And the
Only way
Bit by bit
Every day
30 minutes
Every choice
For you
So they all
Have you…

Susan Powter
On 06/29 Karen asks: \i just recently started exercise class once a week and got motivated I went to purchase the moving with susan video was hoping on dvd but not avail..what workout set do you recommend because by vhs tape is old and fuzzy.
The very best
My Lifestyle Exchange
Program, truly
One hell of
A complete
All fitness levels
Work towards
Whatever fitness
Level you want
And, after
l0 hard years
It’s all, right
Here at…

Susan Powter
On 06/29 Lindy Fury asks: Susan: You appeared to me out of nowhere in my sleep a week ago, saying “You gotta eat, breathe and move!” Had no idea you were back!  Bought the book, cried, telling everyone, THANK YOU for coming to help me—you must have heard my prayers!!!!!
How lovely

I’m thrilled
I appeared…

It’s the
Truth, always
Was, always
Will be and
It’s amazing
To know
You know…

Thank you and
Thrilled you
Loved the book
Cause, so do I…

Tell the world
I need your
Energy to let
Em all know…

Susan Powter
On 06/28 sandy asks: Susan, let me say I Love Loveyou..your energy, your humor..your just the bomb girl! My ? is..I am 48, weigh 109..and I have trouble putting on weight, have lost alot of muscle tone the last few years..I want to gain mass in upper body, tone everywher
Yes, you should
Now, more than
Ever and you
Can, build it
Metabolically the
Most active tissue
In our body…

And, thank you
How lovely….

Susan Powter
On 06/27 Susan R asks: Hi Susan! When do you come to Halifax Nova Scotia? I live 2 hours away in Digby, would love to come and meet you. It would be my dream! Love ya.
Susan R from Nova Scotia
I’d love to
Come to
Beautiful Nova Scotia
And absolutely
Will, meantime
I’m here, always
Dreams must
Come true…

Susan Powter
On 06/27 Mary Gachet asks: Hello, first off I love you and I think you are FANTASTIC!!! I currently weigh 289 lbs, can I realistic tone up after losing alot of weight??
What is
Very real
Is how
The human
Body can
When given
The most
Basic things..
Eat, breathe
Move and
Think being
The best
You can

Yes, more
Real than
Most could
Till now,
Of course…

Susan Powter
On 06/27 Damien asks: You must be terribly busy!
Busy with
Down, the
Most annoying
Kind of busy…

Susan Powter
On 06/26 J asks: I’ll be on the rfamily cruise. I’m extremely overweight – 280; 5’4” – & don’t really move. Is your class on the ship a good place to start? I need to start & don’t know how.
Oh, it’s
The very
Best, all
Fitness levels
The most
Class, people
Cruise, experience
All around….
Yes, and
You must
Let me
Know it’s
You, from…
Then you
Change your
Life forever
On Rfamily and,
You will..

Looking forward

Susan Powter
On 06/26 SHARON asks: I can’t find where to sign up for your newsletter. I love the info you provide & feel like a bone-head because I have scoured your entire website for it to no avail. HELP!  
I’ve heard
That a couple
Of times…
Interesting cause
It’s on the
Front page
Middle, what
Looks like
A bad wax
Newsletter, The
Lean Zine..

Have a look
And, let me
Know if you
Can’t find it
Cause it’s
Worth finding…

Susan Powter
On 06/25 Lynne Bovill asks: Have you considered putting out another infomercial? I have read what seems like hundreds of requests for copies of your infomercials from years back. I myself included! Can it be done without the boys in the suits?? Of course it can!
It just
May have
To at
This point…
And, yes
I will…

Susan Powter
On 06/25 luvingSP asks: HEY SUSAN!! OMG-YOU ROCK BAAABY!! i am a 34 year old momma looking at you, this 50 year old rockstar…just livin’ life to the fullest…looking hot,sexy & intelligent….inspiring,inspiring!! keep it comin’ mommacita!!!
Luving, your
Energy, your
Momma 34
Attitude, an
Honor, as
I honor the
Who made
It, unmedicated
Alive, strong
Enough to
Stand and
The only
Hope We
Thank you

So glad
Are here…

Susan Powter
On 06/22 Marnie asks: Hi Susan, a question for you…. Sunblock… should I put it on my kids and if yes, are there any or a substitute you recommend?
THank you
Oh, you must go
Such natural
Sunblock recipes….
And, the sun
Has not
Changed, it’s
The hole in
Our atmosphere
That has changed
Everything, forever…
So, yes only
One of the many
Precautions we
All have to
Take, thanks

Susan Powter
On 06/22 Debra asks: What does this mean? Are you going to do live exercise routines? No need
To ever
Go back
That far
When it’s
All right
Here, live
And so
Connected.. Susan Powte
Yes, like
Cooking, I’ve
Been doing
Nothing but
Trying to
Get live
Exercise is
Coming if
It’s the
Last thing
I do…

Susan Powter
On 06/22 Martin asks: I am now alcohol free thanks to YOU, your book and nutritional therapy. My sister ordered the book and is doing it also. I could not have done it without you! Not a ? just THANK YOU,THANK YOU, THANK YOU!
Oh, one
Of the
Things I
Could hear….
A physical
Disease, physically…
As are the
Very few
People telling
The truth about
The physical
So many suffer
Thrilled for
You, thrilled
For everyone
Who is Sober
And staying
That way….

Susan Powter
On 06/22 Becky asks: Thrilled.
That is all I can say.
Thrilled I received the Yoga dvd’s today!
Thanks so much for making these dvd’s.
Thank you
Truly, you
Have no
Idea what
It took
To get
Them done
And available…
Your thrilled
Makes it all
Worth the while…


Susan Powter
On 06/22 Ford asks: Dear Susan,
I am a great fan of yours and for many years I’ve enjoyed your excerise tape “MOVING”. Unfortunately, my vhs tape broke last week. How can I purchase another copy? I do not see it on your website. Thank You
No need
To ever
Go back
That far
When it’s
All right
Here, live
And so

Susan Powter
On 06/22 Brenda Pedersen asks: Hi Susan, I’ve just discovered you, I’m 54 living in Denmark, I need to loose a least 15k but can’t get my head around it..have tried EVERYTHING..rock bottom just now..but I still need to fight back
and find me..I’m really very normal.
Tak Brenda
No fighting
Loving is
What will
Change everything
You loving
Your body
Enough to
Give it
Real food
You loving
Your body
Enough to
Get oxygen
Into it…
The actions
Of love, it’s
A verb
You know…
The actions
Of eat, breathe
Move and think
Very, very
Them, you’ll

Susan Powter
On 06/22 Melissa Santos asks: I don’t really have a question, but I wanted to thankyou from the bottom of my 120 pd. 5 ft. 4 in heart. Your Stop the insanity boxset changed my life forever. Thanks for being a great role model and mentor. Melissa
How absolutely
Lovely, thank

Some days
Some weeks
It’s vital
To know
The truth
About wellness
Out there
Means something…

Thank you…
And, always
Help me
Get the word
Out, tell
Every thinking
Person you
Know what’s
Happening here…

Susan Powter
On 06/22 Phyllis asks: Hi,
You look awesome. I had a tape of yours years ago- loved it . Susan – I am over weight and not happy with that- I am 47 and I want to change the way i eat and look. Is there a way i can order your video by moneyorder. I need you and them
I’m sure
If there
Isn’t the
Info you
Need on
The site
The tech
And let
Them know
What you
Thrilled you
Are here..

Susan Powter
On 06/21 yolanda asks: Susan-Sorry to hear about your back. Mine is out as we speak!I fell from the purer faith and followed Atkins, but now am back, lo-fat, whole food! Why did I stray? Where was my brain? Anyway-glad you’re back!
Ahhh, the
High protein
Boys and
That whole
Were infected
But, not
To worry
The truth
About wellness
Is, the truth
About wellness
Now, you
Solve the
Of overfat
And unfit

And, thank
You glad
To be back..

Susan Powter
On 06/21 Kelly asks: I LOVE you Susan! Just today I dug through my garage to find my old workout vidoes and sweated my butt off to “Burn Fat and Get Fit”.  I decided to look you up and found your wonderful site.  Out of space to ask my question so I’ll post again.
So thrilled
You googled…
It’s the
Reason I’m
Doing what
I do, you
Found me
And, look
At us!!

Brilliant, love

Susan Powter
On 06/21 Kirstin asks: Susan, You are amazing! I’ve lost 100 lbs. I’ve been stuck for a few years. I need to lose another 10-15 pounds of fat. For the last 3 weeks I’ve been doing 6-7x cardio and 3x weight training. I eat between 1450-1550 per day. Still stuck! HELP!
So, not enough
Daily caloric
It out on
The eat page
Much more
Fuel and
Higher quality
Lean muscle
Mass, it
Can’t be
Said enough
Build it..
You’ll see

Susan Powter
On 06/21 Jodie asks: When will you be coming to Jacksonville Florida?
Not sure
But, I’m
Here now
Right here
Always, the
Only reason
I came
To work
This medium…

And, when
I’m in the
Area, you’ll
Be the first
To know…

Susan Powter
On 06/20 Sam asks: Love how you look at 50.  I almost 49, 6’3, 218. How would you advise an older guy to get down to my goal of your plan/approach any different for guys? Seems like it would be pretty much the same. Thanks.
You couldn’t
Be more
Is the exact
Same for
All human
Eat, breathe
Move and
Think your
Way back
To a life
Of energy
And strength…

Susan Powter
On 06/20 Ree Tucker asks: Perimenopause has put some hormonal fat around my middle. I’ve worked out for 25 years, but this is really different. Added shorter, more intense cardio. Seen a bit of change. Have you heard of Tabata intervals? 2:1 exertion/rest ratio? 20sec:10sec
Training is
For more
Than one
And, yes
It is
And nothing
It like
Lean muscle
Mass, Perimenopausal
The most
Important time
To build it…
And, interval
Train with
Totally different
Jog it, pardon
The pun…
Add to it
And, build

Susan Powter
On 06/20 Susan asks: Darling…I know all about lower back pain..and what you’re feeling right now.  One word..Chiropractor! Find a good one..many “wannabe’s” out there. your body is out of need an adjustment.
Yes, I adjusted
Well and
My brilliant
Back bounced
Back, again…
Stunning, this
Human body
We live in

Thank you

Susan Powter
On 06/18 Dermot O’Connor asks: More of a comment than a question…. Remember googling you a couple of years ago to see what you were up to….looked quiet Great to see you back again and looking sexier than ever!  You rock!
Been gone
l0 years
Raising the
Last loin
Of my loins
And now, it’s
Time to get
Back to work
Wellness does..

And, thank you
I feel better
Than ever…

Susan Powter
On 06/17 countrychick asks: We need a new cookbook susan.  I have worn out the pages of the old ones and would love new ones with Whole, Real Food Ideas.
You inspire me lady!
Thank you
And, consider
It being done
And, the new
And improved
Blog cooking
Is real…
More live
More food
More life
Info, yes..

Susan Powter
On 06/17 Saoirse asks: Hi!I am early 50’s have unstable hypertension..with meds, out of breath doing anything have 5 stone to lose, I fell ancient and as if life is passing me by, please tell me the best way forward which dvd/book.Will it take long for improvment.
Ancient, beautifully
Said and simply
Taken care
Build oxygen
Build lean
Muscle, now
Eat really
Really high
Quality foods
To give you
The energy
You need
To heal
You can…
We are
The very
Best at
This age,
Literally energy
And strength
Will be
Yours again
If you
Demand it
In your life
And, do a
Few simple
Things today

Susan Powter
On 06/17 Nancy asks: Hi Susan!
I’m a gastric bypass *survivor*.  I went from 307 to now, 180.  It simply has STOPPED.  For two years I’ve been at this weight.  HELP! I have done all one can physically do to lose and now I end up still FAT??  HELPPPPP!
Yes, survivor
And now
You must
More than
You must
Build (a
Whole lot of)
Lean muscle
Never more
So than
After their

The most
Active tissue
Exactly what
You need
And keep
Speaking exactly
What everyone
The surgery

Susan Powter
On 06/17 Nancy Richmond asks: Susan,
I just started on a raw food eatting style and wondered how you felt about this type of eatting.
Blessed Be,
Organic, of course
And a fine
Way of eating…

Blessed be Nancy,
Thank you

Susan Powter
On 06/17 fabbie66 asks: I luv, luv, luv it when you laugh. The blog in the car when the camera kept slipping, on ET when you were pulling your face back. So glad you are back. You are a caring, truthful, funny person. thanks for being you. ciao bella
Luv, luv
Luv your
Over space,
Thank you
It’s the
Truth, always
Was, always
Will be…

Susan Powter
On 06/17 Gail VW asks: As of this minutes I now have all of the dvd’s.  I have been doing the burn fat and tried the men’s conditioning 1 on Saturday (could harldy walk for two days after).  Is there an ideal order of use for the dvds? Loving the burn fat by the way.
Brilliant, absolutely
Brilliant and
No “order”
Other than
You increasing
Your levels of
Intensity every
Step of the
Way and..

I’m thrilled
You felt
Some don’t
Think they’ll
Feel, nothing
Changes your
Body more
Than these
Slow, properly
Done movements,
In the
Mix and match
Lifestyle X-change
Program videos…

Love that
You love
Them and

Susan Powter
On 06/13 Teresa asks: how can I lose weight at my age 47 and I weigh 209, can I ever get my chin and arms back?
At your
Age? At
my age,

You can
Get as
Much strength
As you’d like
Back the
Same way
Every body
Breathe, move
And think
Your way
Back to
A life
Of energy
And strength…

Yes, especially
At our age…

Susan Powter
On 06/13 Kristy asks: Just a comment, maybe cuz I just finished your latest book and then had a hospital stay but I can’t believe the med community still hasn’t made the connection. Hospital food is worse than airline food. And most of the nurses were fat. Amazing.
They have
More than
Made the
It’s the
Millions who
Are victims
Of it
That have
Not made
One very
Direct connection
You couldn’t
Be more

Susan Powter
On 06/12 Tracie asks: Hi Susan,
I have Polycystic Ovarian System and have been struggling for at least 10 years now with my weight (insulin resistance). Nothing seems to work for me. I’m hoping you can help me shed this fat suit!!!! I love you xoxox
There is something
That will work
Good food
Oxygen, absolutely
All of it
You can
Do, like
I do, like
Every human
Body does…

Yes, you
Can shed
Unwell and
Get as well
As you want
To get…


Susan Powter
On 06/11 Mary Jane asks: Woman, is there no end to your talent? Now we need a coffee table book of your photographs.
I’ve never seen garlic look so sexy.
Looking forward to new workouts.
Thank you!
And, thank
I like more
Than beautiful
Come to life!

So glad
You enjoy
And yes,
On a coffee
Table in
A book…

Consider it
Being done…

Susan Powter
On 06/11 Kathy B asks: For Everyday Art, can you share the brand and model of camera you used?—not to discount your artistic ability at all—but the color is saturated, and the photos are GLORIOUS!  Thanks!
Nothing to
It, a simple
And it’s a
Very simple
One, video
I shoot
For blogs
And take
The stills
As I see
And, thank

Susan Powter
On 06/11 Heather asks: Dear Susan, Can l buy your fat burning dvd in australia? if so where ? Thanks Heather
Absolutely, right
Here on line
And, international
“instructions” have
Apparently, recently
Been put up so
You absolutely
Can, get anything
You want
“direct” from

And, tell everyone
In Australia
What’s happening
Us get the
Word out…

Susan Powter
On 06/11 Carol asks: I LOVE YOUR MOVEMENT VLOGS…
They are it for me.  That’s it – done.
I haven’t done them for about a week.  Been walking and other stuff.  Did 20 minutes tonight and feel FANTASTIC.  They just feel right for my body.  THANK YOU SUSAN!
Thank you
So do I
For more
Reasons than
Most could
Imagine possible
Freedom, if
I just do it
Here with
You, with
Millions of
And, I will
Let em all
Know, the
What’s happening
Here, we need
The energy…

Susan Powter
On 06/09 Tracy asks: OH NO! I dont like any of those self portraits….no bathrooms, please. You are so beautiful, those shots do not show your beauty. Need color, no bending over, perhaps a (not often seen) beautiful smile??? I say RE-DO!
with love!
With love
Love that…

It is, because
Is the project…

Susan Powter
On 06/09 jacqueline spear asks: hello lady!!!  you inspire me so…. thanks
i am thin but ive got tons of cellulite on the backs of my legs, and booty…. what to do? any suggestions? i do yoga 2 x a week and walk all other days
Dairy, out
More whole
Foods, in…
And, lean
Muscle mass
It’s stunning
What happens
When the
Most active
In the human
Body is built…

Susan Powter
On 06/09 Maureen asks: Hi Doll…when you mention we need none of that sprts club machinery, do you mean it’s possible to train in your own living environment? Will you be training sans gym ? Anxious to step it up a bit myself. Love u….
Without a doubt
Sans gym
Can’t stand
Them, it’s
What they’ve
Got people
Doing and
The smell
Of the places!!!
Not to mention
The “trainers”
I have not
Seen what
I saw the
Other day
In years…

Susan Powter
On 06/08 Wendy asks: OMG u laughing, love, love, love it! How happy u made me—-ur too cute.
Laughing, love
Love, love…

Ur also
Super cute…

Susan Powter
On 06/08 Joshuamathewg asks:
OMG I love your hair face and U!
the bathroom shots are awesome!
I grew up watching you on the TV, and PBS. What a mix.
You are 10x better than Oprah, Susan Orman and Ellen!
-Mr Arizona
Mr. Arizona
Amazing place
The desert..
What a mix!

Susan Powter
On 06/08 Irina asks: Hello Susan,
how are you? I would like to have one of your books called C’mo america let’s eat. It is out of print, are there any places I can buy it from. Thank you.
From now
On, forever
Will be
Right here
The new
Live blogs
Just did
One and
Can’t wait
To put it
My Broth
Me, cooking
Like I do…
All happening
Help Us get
The word out
Tell everyone
You know…
If it’s my
Broth, you’d
Like to
Taste, then
It’s here
You’ll taste

Susan Powter
On 06/07 Debbie asks: do u remeber me,going to try the pants on 5/31?Well,they went from can’t budge zipper or button, to zipper 3/4 way up and button about 1/2 inch from reaching…so that is progress in 30 days.Will try again soon. Girls take the stretch pants off!
Fat burns
One half
Inch, same
As l0 inches
Keep doing
What absolutely
Works, cause
Wellness does…

Susan Powter
On 06/07 *M* asks: “bathroom shoes”  my favorite out of the bunch
not because Susan Powter nude lol
your expression, overall nice tonal range and lighting.
there looks like a story there. my 2 cents eh
Your 2 cents
I love it
Looks like there
Is a story
There and
There is…

Susan Powter
On 06/07 Pagan Beauty asks: My vote goes to: bathroom shoes – au naturel, sexy, steamy, dewy…legs that could stop traffic. The composition of your hands is phenomenal!
Pagan, beauty
Thank you

Susan Powter
On 06/07 Damien asks: If Ro.O ever did satellite radio, you would have to be guest like a million times.
If Ro O
Does anything
I’d be her
Million times

Susan Powter
On 06/06 gail asks: Hi Susan,I was watching “The View”today
,and it dawned on me;they really need to have you on as a guest .
Let them
Know and
Have l000
Of your
Best friends
Do the
Same, oh
Consumer you…

Susan Powter
On 06/06 Leslie C asks: Susan, here I am after 2 babies 200lbs scared for my health and ready but hesitant to make a change.. Any advice for me? You are such an inspiration. I picked up stop the insanity and have begun to read.. I am ready for this change, Angry for it.
Angry, a
Very good
Rage, everyone
With a brain
In their
Head should
Yes, today
Eat real
Food, today
Walk in oxygen
For 30 minutes
Or more, today
Get off the
Scale (forever)
And today
Your body
Can/will burn
Fat, your
Body can/will
Increase strength
And energy
Your body
Know that

Susan Powter
On 06/06 gail asks: Hi susan, Loved the new book.I’m writing
to ask if you are going to do another
type of auto-CD’s. I truly loved the old “Susan Powter Live” & The CD’s you did back I think 2002 or 2003
Oh, thank
You, I love
Love, love
Them also…
And, yes
Audio, don’t
Ask how
Much audio
Only one
Of the things
I’ve been
Alllllll week
And, it will
How lovely,
Thank you…

Susan Powter
On 06/06 Louise Marie asks: I agree with the others. Your laughter and that last loving video was a joy. You were a joy, the sunlight and all. My question, can you do it again and again? WE all love your smile!!
love and light, louise marie
Thank you
And yes
A whole
Lot of love
And light
And, you’ll
Be the first
To see
It all…

Susan Powter
On 06/05 Kim Fowley asks: I just stumbled upon your website.  I remember the stop the insanity revolution you started but haven’t seen you in years.  I just wanted to tell you that I think you look amazing!  Keep it up!
Thank you
I feel better
Thank I’ve
Ever felt
Wellness works,
It’s the truth
Always was
Always will

Help Us
Get the
Word out
Tell everyone
You know
What’s happening

You stumbled…

Susan Powter
On 06/04 Lilly asks: Susan – wanted to tell you my friend and I truly enjoyed your giggly ride in the car….. So enjoyable.  Really made us think you’d been to “heaven” again recently….  Woo Hoo….  Hugs.  db
How lovely,
When I tell
You laugh,
Well it is
So enjoyable
Thank you
It was/is
Truly a

Susan Powter
On 06/04 Dawn asks: I love your new website but the only thing that bothers me is the fact that you never smile.  Yes, very sympathetic, very encouraging but you dont look very happy?!?! Dawn – Nottingham, England
Did you watch
The latest blog?
And, I’m
So happy
It should be

Susan Powter
On 06/04 Maureen asks: Susan…..opposite of bright sun here in NY and I want to thank you for your beautiful laughter and lightheartedness on your recent blog clip….gave me the sunshine I needed. Your laughter is contagious !!! Love u.
Just lovely
Thank you
Did you see
The light
In the blog?

The privilege
And I, for
One am
Yes, contagious!

Susan Powter
On 06/04 *M* asks: where are the self portrait pics?
you should have a self portrait for the ning community.
You judge and maybe have a small give away or something.
Cant wait to see the photos.
First one
About to
Go up…
And, today
Taken, naked
In a red
And yes,
Given, good
Idea, done
Thank you…

Susan Powter
On 06/04 Lynnette asks: Hi Susan!  Love the name…my sisters also..keep smiling and laughing like in the auto ride with the sun, the camera falling off the dash and swim, swim, swim!  U were so funny and have a beautiful smile! Keep talking to us..ur way cool!
How lovely,
Thank you
I loved
It’s been
A long
Time since
I jumped
Into a
Pool and
Let me
Tell you
It won’t
Ever be
That long
Again, ever…
Keep smiling
Yes, laughing
Yes and
What the
Hell else
Is there…

Love it
Thank you…

Susan Powter
On 06/04 Ariel Glenn asks: Hi Susan!
Thanks for giving great examples of the food you take when traveling! I noticed you had whipped sweet potatoes on one trip with some white, creamy stuff. What was that cause it looked awesome?!
Soy cream cheese
Or soy sour cream
On the mood…
Organic maple syrup

Always, just a touch
I make batches, lasts
For days and cold
The next day…

And, you
Are welcome
Just filmed
Lunch in
NYC today
And, it’ll go
Up within
The next
Day and change…

Susan Powter
On 06/03 Mary Munro Poulsen asks: Hi Susan, I just wanted to say I really look forward to meeting you on the rFamily cruise in July!!
As do I
Come to
Class, it
Doesn’t get
Much better
Than the
Cruise, is
It your 1st?

If so, get
Read to
Have the
Time of
Your life…

Very much
Looking forward…

Susan Powter
On 05/31 Turtle asks: Susan,
In one of your videos, you used a coconut body cream. Can you tell me the brand please? I’ve been looking for a nice one.
Any, organic
It’s all you
Need and,
Now, you
Can get
It everywhere…

Susan Powter
On 05/31 Maureen asks: Hi Susan…..really anxious to know how the training is going and also how your ear is feeling. Also….do you eat sushi?
Yes, veggie
And tons
Of it…
And, training
Is what
The next
Few blogs
Are all
About, and
Training of
Working with
An ear infection
Much better,
Thank you
And a back
That went
Out and is
Because of
Training, going
Life, training
While it
All goes on..

You know

Susan Powter
On 05/31 Carolyn asks: Hi cutie it’s me “Hoop” girl, Shot any hoops lately?
I just got a Global Solar Oven. I cooked chicken perfectly and Spanish rice made with brown rice is in it now for dinner. YOUTUBE has videos if you haven’t seen one.
Happy Cook’n
Luv ya
Happy Cook’n
And love
The info…
Brown, spanish
Rice exactly!
Summer, sexy
Hoop girl!

Susan Powter
On 05/31 PEGGY HARTNETT asks: I watched you on TV several years ago and loved it.  At that time you stated a percentage of fat in food to eat.  Was it—eat 15% fat and lose or 10%?
Ahhh, the fat
Formula and
Daily fat percentages…
Yes, on the Eat page
And you must
The foundations of
Wellness, the daily
Caloric chart and
Some…check it
Out, it’s all right
Here for every
Body who wants
To get as lean
As strong and
As healthy as
You want to get!

Susan Powter
On 05/31 Taunya asks: Susan, I had great success with your program when I was 26.  now I’m 40, and afraid that I wont lose the weight as easily or as fast.  Will my body react differently this time?
Glad to be back, Taunya
Absolutely not and,
As a very fit
50 year old Woman
Take it from me
Your beautiful body
Responds to
Eating, whole real
Foods, movement
Lean muscle mass
Living well…
Do it, you’ll see
And feel more
Than you may
Have ever imagined
Possible until now,
Of course…

Susan Powter
On 05/31 Nancy asks: Hi Susan-I did your step videos years ago and was in great shape.  Now I just had 2 babies in my 40’s.  Are your step aerobic programs available on DVD.  THANKS – glad you’re back!
Absolutely, and
Lifestyle Exchange
Program, the
Best classes
Ever and, always
For all fitness

Susan Powter
On 05/30 inspiredbySP asks: HEY SUSAN!! I just finished your book! you are one AMAZING SPIRIT…I am completely & utterly in awe..making notes in the margins,eating your words..will read it over & over….Can you share what you ate/drank today??
much love & support from NY!!
I’m so thrilled
Because I
Love The
Politics of
Stupid and
Wait till you
Hear what
I went thru
To get it
Published and
Am still going
Thru to get
The word out…
And yes, I’ll
Be talking about
Everything I
Eat, drink, and
Do every day
If it’s the last
Thing I do…
I love that
You loved
The book and
I love your
Thank you

Susan Powter
On 05/30 GREG asks: susan,
i’m a man and i just finished reading your amazing are beautful smart and very funny ? i,m going on a long plane ride across country any suggestion on what to pack for food…thanks for the great read and keeping it real
Pack what I just
Packed, three
Days ago, flying
Across the

Baked beans
A huge salad
Brown rice
With almonds
Home made granola
Bars and baked
Apples with soy
Yogurt for dessert…
Pack whole real
Foods and plenty
Of it cause flying
Is a horror
These days..
And, enjoy

Susan Powter
On 05/30 robin asks: Susan – Welcome Home! When will the sticks be available in the online store? Thanks so much for the online community it’s a terrific place to talk with other people & exchange ideas, recipes, & suggestions.
blessings of love
It is, isn’t
It a beautiful
Place where
So much info
Networking and
Connecting is
Happening and
It, absolutely is
And, here soon
Here always
Is where everything
I do is available..

Susan Powter
On 05/30 Frankie asks: I just got you new book, “The Politics of Stupid” yesterday. I could not put it down and read all but the last three chapters! The book if full of information and motivation. Will you be producing a companion DVD?
How lovely, thank
You Frankie and
Yes, I’ll be producing…
Fill in that blank and
Absolutely, reading
Politics, one of the
Books I’m most proud
Of to date…

Thrilled you
Love it..

Susan Powter
On 05/29 Chris Bowers asks: HI Susan, I am newly Sober and living in Delray Beach Florida.  As a recovering Alcoholic how does diet play a role?  Exercise has made me feel better and I am trying to do everything I can to stay on the right path.
Sober and Staying
That way, my last
Book and, nutrients
Have everything to
Do with your
Disease and
It is…
It’s simple
To stay sober
If you treat
Your physical
Disease physically…
Which, makes
Perfect sense
When you think
About it….

Jack Trimpey
The Small Book
Get it,
Seven Weeks to
Sobriety, Joan Larson
Get it, Eating Right
To Stay Sober, Get it
And you will…

Susan Powter
On 05/29 Tammy asks: Hi Susan,
As a mother of four with a full time job and a being a full time student obtaining my bachelors, I have found that I have a terrible habit with drinking pop.  Although I try to stop I get terrible headaches and feel ran down. Suggestions?
Yes, liquid
Candy affects
And, the only
Way to not
Live with
The consequences
Is, stop…
Which is not
Easy that’s
What they want…
But, you can
Fresh oranges
Limes, lemons
In cold water
In the fridge…
Fresh juices
Juiced (today’s blog)
Natural soda, cut
With club soda
Bit by bit
And, soooo
Much better…

Susan Powter

On 05/28 Mo asks: Hi Susan – I just received your Lean Muscle Mass and Fitness Stretch DVDs as a gift the other day and I LOVE LOVE LOVE them!!!
Ahhh, thank you
As do I
For real, I love
Love, love them
And, I love that
You love, love
Love them…

It’s the truth
Always has
Been, always
Will be and
It works!

Susan Powter
On 05/28 Cate asks: Hi Susan, Just read The Politics of Stupid and it was very motivating. I would like to get off anti-depressant pills because I think they’re making me feel lackadaisical about losing the 25 lbs I need to lose. Thoughts?
Oxygen, directly connected
What you eat, directly connected
If your dr. isn’t including
Both of those, directly
Connected to depression
Things then you
Might want to question
Your dr….always a
Good idea when it
Comes to the pill

Add wellness
You’ll be

Susan Powter
On 05/28 alice asks: susan
this is not a question but i just wanted to thank you for inspiring and influencing me to overcome my binge-eating disorder after years of battling with it as a result of overcoming bulimia. e,b,m,t & you changed my life.
alice, australia
Ah, Australian
Alice, bravo!

Yes, overcome
You can
And wellness
Has everything
To do with well,

Help Us
Spread the
Word in
And, stay

No more
Now, living…

Susan Powter
On 05/28 Jacqueline asks: I got the Burn Fat DVD from The Lifestyle Exchange Program
I love the slow rythm and adore the bare feet!
Shoes hurt my feet
Love you too!
You’re a real friend
Thank you
Cheese, love
And yes, slow
Real and
It works!

We’ll be
Doing it

Only one
Of the
I came
Back to

Susan Powter
Picture of Susan Powter

Susan Powter

Susan Powter (born 22 December 1957) is an Australian-born American motivational speaker, nutritionist, personal trainer, and author, who rose to fame in the 1990s with her catchphrase "Stop the Insanity!", the centerpiece of her weight-loss infomercial. She hosted her own talk show The Susan Powter Show in the 1990s.

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