Mayo Clinic Report, volume 163 (1998)
American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, volume 44 (1986 1-19)

The Daily Caloric Consumption Chart

Resting Calories
Low Activity (low impact walking, cycling 2-3 times a week)
Medium Activity (low impact walking or cycling 3-4 times a week)
High Activity (low impact walking or cycling 6-7 times a week)

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Not all calories are created equal!

One gram of protein=4 calories
One gram of carbs=4 calories
One gram of fat=9 calories

Fat = more than twice the calories of the other two fuels your body uses.

Fat makes you fat, by Susan Powter! 

The Fat Formula

Number of fat grams x 9 = X
X divided by total calories
That will tell you what you need to know
What percentage of this total serving is fat?
Is it 10%? 50%? or 90%?

Do it! You’ll be amazed…