Stop the Insanity! by Susan Powter

Take control of your life and stop the insanity! You’ve seen Susan Powter on the “Home Show” and on her “Stop the Insanity” infomercial, explaining

Food by Susan Powter

First came Stop the Insanity!, a phenomenal best seller with a different take on an important American pastime: dieting. Now Powter lets us in on


MAKE SUMMER FUN AGAIN! 06/16/2008 | by Susan Powter Filed under: | Working later? Always busy? Feeling too tired to enjoy the summer and be

Susan Powter’s Raisin Ronzoni

Susan Powter’s Raisin Ronzoni 2 tsp. olive oil ½ cup green onions 2 large cloves garlic, minced 1 cup vegetable stock 1/3 cup lemon juice

A Ginger Tea moment…..

I’m sitting with my ginger and honey tea, having just had a lovely dinner of roasted red peppers (stuffed with brown rice, tofu and red