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The number one way to lose weight is eating less calories. Fats have twice as many calories as carbs or protein. Make sure to eat way more vegetables then anything else is key to weight loss. The average American takes in 43% of their daily intake as fat & 65% in processed foods.


Physical inactivity contributes to 300,000 preventable deaths each year in the United States. Lack of physical activity and poor diet (together) account for the second largest underlying cause of death in the U.S., behind the number one cause - smoking.


Oxygen is how fat burns. Blood carries oxygen and many other substances around your body. Oxygen activates metabolism. In one day your heart transports all your blood around your body about 1000 times. Oxygen is the most vital ingredient in wellness.


Think... Remember, remind and re-do what you already know when, you think about it. Food is fuel. The higher quality the fuel, the better the performance. “If it’s on your hips, it had to pass your lips,” Your lifestyle will change in hundreds of Eat, Breathe, Move and Think moments.

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