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Updated on 6/8/08

On 08/05 Mo asks:

grin  Good morning Susan!  I am SO HAPPY to see that you are blogging again!!!  LOVE it, and THANK YOU!

Good morning
It was
Yoga, brown
Rice, kale
And the
Most stunning
Pinto beans
Made last
Night re-heated
This morning
For a very
Very, good
Morning and
Thank you
Love it,
Love that...

Susan Powter

On 08/05 Francesco asks:

Susan, this last week has been filled with parties, bad food, and I neglected my yoga. I am already feeling the ill effects after one week of neglect. NEVER AGAIN.

I lived like that for 20 years, and now I wonder how the hell I did

A beautiful
Lesson we've
All learned
Over and over
Again, not
To worry
Growing into..
Takes a
A couple
Of times
At least
You know,
Much more
Than millions
I'm horrified
To say...

Susan Powter

On 08/05 Nicole asks:

Susan! We’ve missed you so! No question. Just sending you love, encouragement, peace and wellness. Much wellness. And continue the truth-speaking! We who wrestle with our bodies need it now more than ever…

What a lovely
Message, thank
And yes, we
All need wellness
More than ever
And can have
It simply....

Susan Powter

On 08/05 Tracy in PA asks:

good morning susan smile
quick question…
what artists do you enjoy doing yoga and stretches to… 

thanks for your help smile

My playlist
This morning

Melanie...Candles In the Rain
Bonnie.... I can't make you love me
Sinead O Connor...Stretched On Your Grave
Bettye LaVette...Joy
Avril...My Happy Ending
Britney...Me Against The Music
Madonna...Papa Don't Preach
Patty Griffin..Forgiveness
Toni Childs...Stop Your Fussin

Susan Powter

On 08/04 Diane asks:

Just wanted to know if cardio is the same at 30 mins a day as it is at 60mins?  Is there more benefit in going beyond a 30min sweatfest other than calories?

Thirty minutes
Or more
Must be 30
To activate
Fat burning
Metabolic activation
And a whole lot more
30 minimum...
And yes, there
Are more
Benefits than
Most could
Imagine possible
To increasing
Cardio endurance
And strength...
45 min cardio
20 min weights
A good warm up
And cool down
And you've got
Yourself one
Hell of a workout...

Susan Powter

On 08/04 Lisa asks:

Hello Miss Powter,
Just wanted to say that you are truly lovely in every sense of the word.  Your dedication to get the “WELLNESS” word out is unbelievable.  I appreciate it so much as do many others.  You are a lion…I hear your roar! Much love!

Thank you
It's not
Easy and
It's always
Nice to know
It makes a
Roar, I try
Some days
Less than
Lately, nothing
But trying to
Keep it
Going properly...

The most
Thing is
Getting the
Word out
Which every
Body here
Can help
Spread the
Word, you
Couldn't imagine
How important
It is...

Susan Powter

On 08/04 Jodi asks:

I emailed the company on ebay that is selling your products FML Distribution LLC to tell them they are selling your products illegally. I was informed that they had your permission and that you were splitting the profits.  Thought you’d like to know

Splitting the profits?
Without a doubt
Absolutely not...

If you knew
And, consumer
Power, right on!

Susan Powter

On 08/03 Lynn asks:

Hello Susan!Nice to see your face again! We missed you. Can you tell me, is there a better time of day to exercise, morning vs.evening? Does it matter?

Totally depends
On, a million
One job or
Your organic
Energy levels
When you
Are the most
No time better
Than a time
You are in
Your practice
And can
Be consistent
And build
To more
And more

And, thank you
It's nice to be

Susan Powter

On 08/03 Matt asks:

Welcome back - we missed you!

I love to swim, especially in the ocean - are you a swimmer too?  I prefer not to use pools - too many chemicals…

Thank you
Yes, competitive
Butter, Back
Breast and Free...
And what
Did they
Feed us
Before competition
Boxes of
Crystal jello..
The experts..

Like anything
Is new...

Susan Powter

On 08/03 DIANE PAILLETTE asks:

Hi Susan,

I have great respect for you, the way you stood up to the diet industry. I did so well when I read your book Stop The Insanity, it really changed my way of thinking about dieting. I lost weight, but gained it back. I need your

And, you
Can and
Will burn
All the fat
You want
To burn
Not a problem
This time
You can
Solve the
Of overfat
And unfit...
By changing
Your lifestyle

To more
Than most
Could imagine
Possible until
Now, of course...

So glad
You are

Susan Powter

On 08/03 Brian asks:

Hi Susan - I’m *loving* the Lifestyle Exchange DVDs.  Can you post some ideas about how to mix’n'match them for an effective workout schedule?  And how often do you do “Body Work”?

You'd think,
Wouldn't you..
Only one
Of the
Things that
Needed to
Be happening...
A great idea
I've had
For months
Along with
A couple of
Others that
I'm working
My ass off
To make happen...

So, yes is the answer...
But, you know better
Than most it takes
Much, much more
Than it should...

Susan Powter

On 08/03 Brenda Cooney asks:

Hi Susan! Love your books!  I’m 47, MS for 17 years - vertigo, foot drop, balance problems, painful legs in hip/groin area with too much walking and standing.  Can I still get lean and fit w/o strenuous exercise/build muscle?  Too late?

Never, never
Never, never
Too late...

As a matter
Of absolute
Than any
Body, yours
Must have
Must have
Cardio endurance
And strength
Must have the
Best, most
Healing foods...
l7 years of
Dealing with
And loved...

Susan Powter

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