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Apr 03, 2010

May 02, 2008
Susan Powter has partnered with Oddcast to provide an avatar-centric Voki Playground in conjunction with the release of her new book, "The Politics of Stupid."

Apr 08, 2008
Susan Powter has reemerged onto the wellness scene as a fiercer than ever, fully awake, fully energized – and may I say – totally sexy one-woman powerhouse. Her newly updated and released book, The Politics of Stupid, is not just a wellness manifesto, but a scathing, all-out attack on the industrial titans who traffic in the duping and dumbing-down of an overweight, unfit, and convenience-minded America.

Apr 07, 2008
Recently returned to public life from a ten year self-imposed exile, in her most radical book to date, THE POLITICS OF STUPID: The Cure for Obesity, Susan Powter challenges food manufacturers, governments, fitness and diet industries in order to teach women how to find the motivation to alter their lifestyles in search of well being and weight loss.

Feb 17, 2008
Susan Powter, a featured speaker at the seventh annual Women's Expo in the Ritacco Center Saturday, was the reason many of the women attended the event

Dec 22, 2007
The erstwhile fitness guru known for her infomercials is back from a self-imposed exile to spread her word on the Internet

Oct 26, 2007
Susan Powter talks to The Insider's Thomas Roberts about her new projects

Jun 03, 2007
In season five of The Simple Life, Paris and Nicole call upon motivational speaker and fitness guru Susan Powter to help them lead a fat camp

May 27, 2007
Susan Powter has resurfaced in the company of Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie on the new, fifth edition of The Simple Life

Aug 08, 2006
The Today Show's Natalie Morales talks to fitness guru Susan Powter about viewer questions on balancing motherhood and fitness

Aug 07, 2006
The Today Show's Natalie Morales talks to fitness guru Susan Powter about evolving images of strong women and how that can change your workout

Jun 06, 2006
Exchange Your Unhealthy Lifestyle for a Good One